The Magpies crowned Four Man Team Knockout Winners

The Geordie lads went one better than last year and took the title with a 4-2 win over ‘Pair of Hunts & 2 Anchors in the final’

The Magpies consisting of Alan Davie, Kev McDine, David Gradwell and Andy Lynn comfortably qualified through Group 2 with 2 wins over ‘Average Joes’ (James McClurg, Dayle Blackett, Jamie Thompson and Ryan Anderson) and ‘Its Went West’ (Scott Collingwood, Matty Darroch, Stephen Mallams and Michael Wright)

Pair of Hunts & 2 Anchors consisting of Adam Hunt, Scott Hunt, James Forster and Ryan Joyce also won all their group games with wins over ‘Globe +1’ (Darren Patton, Geoff Murray, John Kippen Jr and David Stokell) ‘Yacker Knackers (Matt Hodgson, Paul Webster, Gerry Hall, Gary Miller) and lastly, ‘Just Here For The Drink’ (Andy Gradwell, Micky Lynn, Tony Tinnion and Richie Archbold)

The Final saw Kev McDine beat Adam Hunt and David Gradwell beat James Forster to put ‘The Magpies’ 2-0 up.

Scott Hunt defeated Alan Davie and Ryan Joyce beat Andy Lynn to take it into the doubles 2-2.

Kev McDine and Davey Gradwell beat Adam Hunt and James Forster.
Andy Lynn and Alan Davie beat Scott Hunt and Ryan Joyce.

Semi Final Teams –

Butch & The Sundance Kids
Tony Wood, Phil Borthwick, Keith Wright and Butch Knighton

Ouston we have a problem
David Borthwick, Billy Robson, Ray Marshall and Paul Nesbitt

The Magpies
Kev McDine, David Gradwell, Alan Davie and Andy Lynn

Pair of Hunts & 2 Anchors
Adam Hunt, Scott Hunt, James Forster and Ryan Joyce

Semi Finals
Winner Group 1Butch & The Sundance Kids24The MagpiesWinner Group 2
Winner Group 3Ouston we have a problem34Pair of Hunts & 2 AnchorsWinner Group 4
Winner Match 1The Magpies42 Pair of Hunts & 2 AnchorsWinner Match 2