Mordica wins in Wolsingham & Joyce victorious at Houghton Comrades

There were two competitions this weekend, with both over 50 entries. Saturday’s competition was held at Wolsingham WMC with Eddie Mordica carrying on his fine form to defeat Richie Archbold in the final.

On Sunday we were at Houghton Comrades Club with ‘Relentless’ Ryan Joyce defeating John Kippen in the final.

Wolsingham Open (50 Entries) –

Last 16 Results –

Kevin McDine defeated Tony Wood
Dave Prins defeated Phil Borthwick
Eddie Mordica defeated Scott Hunt
Robert Young defeated Scott Collingswood
Richie Archbold defeated David Dickson
Chris Kitch defeated Anthony wood
Gary Miller defeated Stephen Bainbridge
Ryan Anderson defeated Reg Savory

Last 8 Results –

Richie Archbold 3 Chris Kitch 0
Ryan Anderson 3 Gary Miller 2
Kevin McDine 1 Dave Prins 3

Report from last 4 from Andy Kelly –

Ryan Anderson 1 Richie Archbold 3
Dave Prins 1 Eddie Mordica 3…..can i just say this game could of went either way in my eyes I marked most of Dave Prins games all day and I’d like to say Davey had a 100% check out rate and I’ve not seen finishing like it in a lot of years but it just seemed to be when he came against Eddie he couldn’t buy a double but take nothing away from Eddie he played outstanding darts, prime example in 1 game Eddie went 180 100 140 and had the game took off him by the badger that was just some of the quality of the darts today so well done Eddie and unlucky Davey Prins as we move into the final…
Eddie Mordica takes on Richie Archbold both lads have done the hard work to get to the final and a few people had said that Richie had rode his luck all day but I don’t think that’s true because I played him in the 1st game and he beat me 3 – 2 don’t get me wrong he had to take out a 131 and 125 to beat me but in my eyes he played outstanding so the final is set as both men got to work Eddie was soon 1 – nil up in the 2nd game Eddie took out a 104 to make it 2 – nil in the 3rd game it was nip and took Richie could of and should of made it 2 – 1 but he never and Eddie was soon 3 – nil up, the 4th game Eddie opened up with a 134, 60 , 60, 106, 109 he missed 3 darts then hit home with 19 darts outstanding darts Eddie Mordica I cant take nothing away from you you played class mate Eddie Mordica is now the Wolsingham Champ you what beauty that our Eddie.”

Houghton Comrades Open (54 Entries) –

Great day at Houghton with big hitters in attendance. Good to see a good mixture of youngsters coming through and challenging the regulars on the circuit. Cracking venue for darts and superb hospitality, with free pizza for all attendees!

Last 16 Results –

Dan Mock beat Ian Whittaker
Ryan Joyce beat Adam Hunt
Andy Kelly beat Ben Smith
Kev McDine beat Scott Hunt
Michael McBain beat John Watson
Dave Prins beat Paul Williams
John Kippen beat D Morris
Dickie Young beat Matt Hodgson

Quarters –

Ryan Joyce beat Dan Mock
Kev McDine beat Andy Kelly
Dave Prins beat Michael McBain
John Kippen beat Dickie Young

Semis –

Ryan Joyce 5-3 Kev McDine
John Kippen 5-4 Dave Prins

Final –

Ryan Joyce 6-0 John Kippen
15, 14, 13, 18, 14, 21 darts.