‘The Hunter’ wins Total Resin Solutions Ranking Event 2.


Adam ‘The Hunter’ Hunt beat Phil ‘Philyerboots’ Borthwick in the Mens Final of Total Resin Solutions Ranking Event 2 yesterday afternoon at The Navy Club, Darlington.

Men’s Results – 67 Entries

Men’s Winner
Adam Hunt £300
Runner up
Phil Borthwick £150
Shaun Matthews/Eddie Mordica £75
Steven Scaife/Barry Davies/Paul Berriman/Dean Norman £20
Last 16
Joe Weldon/Richy Cutler/Mac Chahal/ Andy Chalmers/Carl Hamilton/Sean Jowers/Scott Hunt/Dave Prins £7

Total paid out £736
£67 added to prize pot for finals night.

Ladies Results – 22 Entries

Ladies Winner
AnnMarie Potts £100
Runner up
Claire Stainsby Stamper £50
Zoe Holland/Debbie Waugh Xfluffyx £20
Carla Boyes/Linda Ithurralde/Jacky Alderson/Kelly Curran £5

Total paid out £210
£22 added towards finals night

Youth Results – 11 Entries

George Ripley £40
Runner up
Joe Weldon £20
Natasha Kennedy/L Hayes £11

Total paid out £82
£11 Added towards finals night

£67.00 from raffle
£80.00 from blind cards

£75.30 from charity collection for Huntington’s disease