Relentless claims Cottles Crown

Following on from Friday’s finals night, Cottles Bar in Willington held its annual Sunday Finals day with the top 16 players over the 8 week competition, competing for the £500 1st Prize.

With a whopping £1,800+ in the prize pot, all 16 players were rewarded well.

Ryan Joyce was looking in great form defeating Scott Hunt, Gary Lomas and Adam Hunt en route to the final. Some big ton plus finishes on the way proved vital.

The man in his way was Tony Wood, taking part in his second final this weekend, and it was a cracker. The match went all the way, with a key 171 to leave 70 by Joyce in the deciding leg looked to be enough. However, Wood followed with 180 to leave 57.

Joyce made no mistakes and took out 70 in two, to be crowned the champion.

Results –

Ryan Joyce bt Scott Hunt
Gary Lomas bt Jack Bell
Adam Hunt bt Ben Smith
Gary Miller bt Margaret Stewart
Butch Knighton bt Eddie Mordica
Keith Wright bt Nigel Watson
Tony Wood bt Andy Allaker
Chris Kitch bt Gary Johnston

Quarters –

Ryan Joyce 4-3 Gary Lomas
Adam Hunt 4-0 Gary Miller
Butch Knighton 4-2 Keith Wright
Tony Wood 4-2 Chris Kitch

Semis –

Ryan Joyce 4-3 Adam Hunt
Tony Wood 4-2 Butch Knighton

Final –

Ryan Joyce 5-4 Tony Wood

Good luck to Ryan at the World Championships!