Prins wins the Knack Open 2017


Dave Prins took the 2017 title, with great performances all day. An exciting competition that is an FA Cup Style draw from start to finish.

He never dropped a leg until the Quarter Final whitewashing James Forster and Tony Wood before beating Chris Vaughan 4-2 in the last 8.

In the semi finals he faced England International Ryan Joyce, again winning with a 4-2 scoreline.

The final saw him beat Dickie Young 6-4 to round off a great day of darts and a superbly ran competition.

Claire Stainsby produced some great darts to see off Claire Stewart 4-2 in the final and to take the Ladies 2017 title.

Knack Open Results

Last 64
Chris Vaughan bt Billy Robson
Dave Prins bt Paul Williams
Tony Wood bt Davy Richardson
Butch bt S.Robson
Claire Stainsby bt J.Webster
David Hatch bt Neil Mather
Geoff Murray bt David Brown
Neil Rose bt Dougie Hall
K.Plews bt Andrew Chorley
Ryan Joyce bt Alan Jordan
Arran Samuels bt David Fairhurst
Jonny Gardner bt Chris Burdess
Chris Kitch bt Steven Kennedy
Richard Selby bt Steven Dykes
Ian Gleeson bt Gerry Hall
Darren Patton bt Shirley Witten
Rob McCluskey bt Stephen Squire
Connor Robinson bt K.Coatman
James Forster bt John Watson
Dickie Young bt David Maitland
R.Marshall bt K.Wharton
Spiller Henderson bt Josh Payne
Ian Whittaker bt Gary Miller
Phil Borthwick bt Stephen Mallams
L.Gattenby bt Richie Nilsson
Andy Chalmers bt Cameron Anderson
David Stokell bt Eddie Ashman
Toni-lee Bowstead bt Andrew Ambler
Ian Gigzy Harrison bt Laura Patton
Craig Anderson bt Allen George
Philly Dunn bt Alan Smith
Tony Welburn bt Ray Malarkey

Last 32
Neil Rose bt Tony Welburn
Chris Vaughan bt Connor Robinson
David Stokell bt R.Marshall
Toni-Lee Bowstead bt Rob McCluskey
Dave Prins bt James Forster
Spiller Henderson bt David Hatch
Ian Gleeson bt K.Plews
Craig Anderson bt Chris Kitch
Butch bt Andy Chalmers
Ian Harrison bt Richard Selby
Ryan Joyce bt Philly Dunn
Dickie Young bt Jonny Gardner
Tony Wood bt Claire Stainsby
Phil Borthwick bt Ian Whittaker
Geoff Murray bt Darren Patton
Arran Samuels bt L.Gattenby

Last 16
Ryan Joyce 4-0 Arran Samuels
Dave Prins 4-0 Tony Wood
Chris Vaughan 4-0 Spiller Henderson
Phil Borthwick 4-2 Craig Anderson
David Stokell 4-1 Toni-Lee Bowstead
Neil Rose 4-0 Ian Harrison
Butch 4-2 Ian Gleeson
Dickie Young 4-3 Geoff Murray

Ryan Joyce 4-2 Butch
Dave Prins 4-2 Chris Vaughan
Dickie Young 4-3 David Stokell
Phil Borthwick 4-0 Neil Rose

Dave Prins 4-2 Ryan Joyce
Dickie Young 4-1 Phil Borthwick

Dave Prins 6-4 Dickie Young


Semi finals
Claire Stainsby bt Toni-lee Bowstead
Clare Stewart bt Anne-Marie Urwin

Claire Stainsby 4-2 Claire Stewart