Mordica wins the Joe Ewin Memorial


Report from Andy Kelly.

64 Entries.

“Here we go the Turbinia was our venue for Saturday, I normally like reporting on the last 16 but I only had the board finals sent over.

AK v E Mordica
C Hamilton v K Naunton
S Stokoe v P Gamble
K McDine v Mac Shahal

All the board finals were absolutely cracking games although I didn’t see a lot of them as I was playing myself I do know that Carl Hamilton had a cracking game against Kevin Naunton, I also had a cracking game against Eddie Mordica and in all fairness I do believe our game could of gone either way but take nothing away from Eddie I was beaten 4 – 2 he played world class in his last game as we move into the last 4.

C Hamilton v E Mordica
S Stokoe v K McDine

I had the pleasure of marking this game what can I say it went all the way to the wire and before I go any further I owe Carl Hamilton a massive apology for calling double 8 when it wasn’t in I felt bad all night sorry Carl like I say it went to the wire 3 – 3 Eddie pushed in front in this game, Eddie had the finish line in to take nothing away from Carl he hit a 180 to leave himself 59 Eddie missed his double with 3 and let Carl back in on 59, unfortunately Carl laid 2 across the line of double top and Eddie stepped back in and seen the game out. As we move into the final, Eddie Mordica takes on Kevin McDine. What can you say about the final Eddie kept his darts up and Kevin didn’t respond, Eddie took full advantage and before you know it the game was over with Eddie winning 4 – , congratulations Eddie Mordica. Summary of the day The Turbinia was a cracking venue for darts they had 4 boards up and every board was hammer and tong all day the tournament was well run and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back there. There is another tournament coming off very shortly so hopefully I can keep you all posted last but not least love darts me xx”