Gaffney wins at Blucher

Young Joe Gaffney came out on top at the Blucher Open with some high profile names in attendance.

He defeated Richie Storey 6-1 in the final to take the title.

Winner Joe Gaffney
R/Up Richie Storey
Semi’s Andy Goodfellow & Chris Vaughan
1/4’s Kev Edwards, Geoff Murray, Fish, Chris Harvey
Last 16 Jordan Roof, Richie Gerry, Michael McBain, Tom Smith, Kev McDine, Richie Archbold, Ryan Joyce, Mick Graham.
Last 32 Brian McPhail, Allen George, Mark Walton, Darren Patton, Ryan Hanratty, Paddy Loughran, Alan Young, Stephen Elliott, Laura Patton, Giggsy, Daniel Smith, Scott Hunt, Paul McGowan, Davey Stokell, Simon Dodds, Steve Pringle.
Prelim Peter Armstrong, Martin Walton, Dwayne Hanratty, Frankie Skillen, Joss Walker, Dave Borthwick, Asa Lawson, Kieth Marshall, Gary Lomas, Robbie Barwick, Dougie Hall, Dan Walker, Scott Collingwood.

Winner Laura Patton
R/Up Katy Fleming
Semi’s Mitch Fleming & Francis Lawson

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