Tyne & Wear Ladies Superleague 3 a Side

Writeup courtesy of Laura Patton.

10 Teams we’re entered into the Tyne and Wear Ladies super league 3-a-side competition and were played down to the semi finals, congratulations to last years winners from the Globe, Laura Patton, Jean Stanley and Maureen Purvis who will play The Teams Club’s Michelle Iley, Lynne Brannan and Angie Moodie in the final on finals night later in the season.

The Globe beat Felling Cricket Club B’s Anne-Marie Urwin, Annmarie Potts and Debbie Waugh 3-1 in a close fought semi final. The Teams Club were 3-0 winners against Felling Cricket Club’s Tracey Curry, Sheila Douglas and Karen Murray.


Full results;

Pre lim;

(FCC (B)) A-M. Urwin / A. Potts / D. Waugh beat (Kelly) T. Straughan / W. Huskisson / J. Toft

(Voyager) C. Dorothy / M. Seago / L. Farrell beat (Ashley) N. Pascoe / K. Moule / H. Cooper

Last 8;

(FCC (B))A-M Urwin / A. Potts / D. Waugh beat (FCC (B)) R. Urwin / L. Marley / H. Ross
(Globe) L. Patton / J. Stanley / M. Purvis beat (Globe) K. O’Hagan / J. Vickers / T. Maitland
(Teams) M. Iley / L. Brannan / A. Moodie beat (Kelly) S. Graham / G. Appleby / A. Forrest
(FCC A) T. Curry / S. Douglas / K. Murray (Voyager) C. Dorothy / M. Seago / L. Farrell

Semi Finals;

(FCC (B)) A-M Urwin / A. Potts / D. Waugh 1 v 3 (Globe) L. Patton / J. Stanley / M. Purvis
(FCC A) T. Curry / S. Douglas / K. Murray 0 v 3 (Teams) M. Iley / L. Brannan / A. Moodie

Final will be played finals night;

(Globe) L. Patton / J. Stanley / M. Purvis v (Teams) M. Iley / L. Brannan / A. Moodie

Roundup of British Inter County Championship Weekend 1

North East County Results & Averages

[Division 2]

Surrey 24 – 12 Durham

Men’s A MotM – Stephen Knight 28.23
Men’s B MotM – Tim Embling 26.46
Ladies A LotM – Jennifer Summerson 19.08
Ladies B LotM – Cheryl Brough 15.04

[Division 3]

Northumberland 19-17 Wiltshire

Men’s A MotM – Simon Tate 26.83
Men’s B MotM – Micky Ord 26.60
Ladies A LotM – Marie Silk 14.89
Ladies B LotM – Casey Stephenson 14.92

[Division 3]

Norfolk 16-20 Cleveland

Men’s A MotM – Allan Edwards 29.40
Men’s B MotM – Dave Bell 23.86
Ladies A LotM – AnnMarie Potts 23.48
Ladies B LotM – Shirley Witten 20.16

[Division 4]

Tyne & Wear 18-18 Shropshire

Men’s A MotM – Andy Chalmers 27.45
Men’s B MotM – Michael McBain 22.45
Ladies A LotM – Cheryl Roper 18.56
Ladies B LotM – Laura Patton 17.28

Men’s Superleague

Durham and Tyne & Wear Men’s Superleague Results Updated on their pages.

Highest Averages from Wednesday Night –

Durham –

Paul Jennings – Easington Colliery Club (39.56)
Steven Addison * – Red Lion, Ouston (32.19)
Tony Wood *- Red Lion, Ouston (29.48)
Robert Howe -The Green Tree (28.91)
Craig Anderson- Easington Colliery Club (27.96)
Alan Bell * – Crook Hotel (27.84)
David Crawley – Blackhill Comrades (27.84)
Cameron Anderson – Easington Colliery Club (27.21)
Robert Douthwaite – The Green Tree (26.86)
Shaun Matthews – Masons Arms (26.84)
Kevin Naunton – Easington Colliery Club (26.84)
Michael Murdoch – Moors Tavern B (26.84)
Scott Collingwood – Blackhill Comrades (26.84)
Andrew Testo * – Station Club (26.19)
James Forster * – Red Lion, Ouston (26.11)
Tim Embling – Crook Hotel (25.92)
Derek Mountsey * – Annfield Plain Democratic Club (25.48)
Matthew Bains * – Cottles (25.48)
Eddie Mordica – Crook Hotel (25.3)


Tyne & Wear –

Andy Chalmers (30.67)
Jack Male (27.33)
Chris Vaughan (27.18)
Callum Stokell (27.03)
Geoff Murray (26.84)
Peter Rutherford (26.37)
Pete Kenny (26.37)
David Stokell (26.37)
Ryan Joyce (25.91)
Davy Richardson (25.91)
Ian Whittaker (25.90)
Raymond Marshall (25.36)

Fixture lists online

We now have the majority of fixtures online for the Superleague and Local leagues that are commencing this month and next.

Durham Men’s and Ladies Superleague.
Tyne & Wear Men’s and Ladies Superleague.
Northumberland Men’s Superleague.
Cleveland Ladies Superleague. (Cleveland Men’s coming soon).
Whitley Bay & Cullercoats Local League.

Results and tables will be updated in cooperation with the league secretaries.

Tyne & Wear World Pro Qualifiers

Chris Vaughan bt Dan Mock
Paul Williams bt Rikki Ramsey
Neil Rose bt Anth Skelton
John Kippen bt Davey White
Chris Vaughan bt Paul Williams
Neil Rose bt John Kippen Jnr
Chris Vaughan bt Neil Rose

Ladies Final
Laura Patton bt Toni Straughan
Both Chris and Laura will play in the World Pro playoffs in Bridlington on 3rd October.
Good luck!

Tyne & Wear Superleague

Ladies Superleague Knockout Results

The Globe and Felling Cricket Club ‘B’ reached the final which will be played on finals night later on in the year.

Mens Superleague Knockout Results

Denside – Bye
Wheatsheaf – Bye
Globe B – Bye
Winlaton bt Knack
Felling B bt Pennywell
Houghton bt Times Inn
Felling A bt Biddick
Globe A bt Teams club

Denside bt Wheatsheaf
Winlaton bt Globe B
Felling B bt Houghton
Globe A bt Felling A

Winlaton bt Denside
Felling B bt Globe A

Winlaton v Felling B to take place on finals night.

Mens Superleague Fixtures can be found HERE.

Ladies Superleague Fixtures can be found HERE.

Both Fixtures can be viewed on the Tyne & Wear Superleague page HERE.

Durham Mens Superleague – Easington Win the Title.

Durham Superleague Final Results online.

Congrats to Easington Colliery on winning the title.

Top 3 –

1) Easington – Won 33, Lost 5 – 253 Points
2) Red Lion Ouston – Won 33, Lost 5 – 248 Points
3) Crook Hotel – Won 30, Lost 8 – 232 Points

Top Averages –

1)Adam Hunt – Played 33 – Won 32 (Avg 28.17)
2)Craig Anderson – Played 37 – Won 34 (Avg 25.45)
3)Gary Miller – Played 37 – Won 34 (Avg 23.73)

Most Wins –

1)Craig Anderson/Gary Miller – Played 37 – Won 34
2)Adam Hunt – Played 33 – Won 32
3)Cameron Anderson – Played 34 – Won 31

Most 180s –

1) Adam Hunt – Played 33 – 30x 180s
2) Cameron Anderson – Played 34 – 18x 180s
3) Kev Naunton – Played 33 – 17x 180s
3) Andy Allaker – Played 37 – 17x 180s

Great season.

Thanks to Stephen Hayers with providing the table, averages and results every week.

Highest Averages from last night –

Craig Anderson – Easington Colliery 29.61
Phil Borthwick – Station Club 29.47
Steve Addison – Red Lion Ouston 27.83
David Crawley – Blackhill Comrades 27.28
Tim Richardson – Grove & Moorside 26.63
Alan Bell – Crook Hotel 26.60
Adam Hunt – Red Lion Ouston 26.37
Mark Low – Builders Arms 26.34
Steve Annan – Annfield Plain Democratic Club 26.28
Cameron Anderson – Easington Colliery 25.91
Brian Ashurst – Byers Green Club 25.49
Martin Farmer – Byers Green Club 25.47
Paul Johnson – Red Lion Coxhoe 25.46
Eddie Brown – Annfield Plain Democratic Club 25.05

Important Dates –

23rd May – Gold Cup Pairs Qualifiers @ Willington WMC – 7.15 pm registration for 7.30 pm start

30th May – Gold Cup Singles Qualifiers @ Willington WMC – 7.15 pm registration for 7.30 pm start

6th June – World Masters Qualifiers @ Willington WMC – 7.15 pm registration for 7.30 pm start

13th June – World Pro Qualifiers @ Willington WMC – 7.15 pm registration for 7.30 pm start

Presentation Night is at Willington WMC on the 7th July

AGM for 2018/19 season is at Willington WMC on Sunday 15th July with an 11 am start – all teams must attend if wishing to play in Durham Superleague next season.

Tyne & Wear Ladies Superleague Finals Night

Tyne and Wear Ladies Super League Finals Night

Report and Results courtesy of Laura Patton.

The night started with the pairs semi finals, with Maureen Purvis and Jean Stanley of the Globe proving to be too strong for FCC (A)’s Tracey Curry and Pat Coulson, with Maureen and Jean reaching the final with a 3-0 win. In the other semi final Laura Patton and Cheryl Roper started strongly with a 3-0 victory over Annemarie Urwin and Debbie Waugh which set up an all Globe final.

In the final of the pairs competition it was a very close game, Maureen and Jean started stronger and were 2-0 ahead, Cheryl started the third leg strong and managed to get it back to 2-1, in the final leg with the score 3-3 it was Maureen and Jean who led the scoring, and then missing doubles which ultimately cost them, enabling Laura and Cheryl to catch up with some strong scoring and Cheryl taking double top out with her first opportunity to win the game 4-3.

(Ladies Pairs Finalists)

The Voyager are the team knock out winners despite some close legs and some excellent darts thrown by both sides. Felling Cricket Club (A) took and early lead and went 1-0 up, Geri Maclennan’s high scoring kept the pressure on the Voyager, in the next few legs but Caroline Dorothy and Marie Seago’s clinical finishing along with some missed chances for FCC (A) meant that the Voyager ran out 3-1 winners.

(The Voyager Ladies – Team Knockout Winners)

The 3-a-side final was another close and well fought battle between Felling Cricket Club (B)’s Anne-Marie Urwin / Annmarie Potts / Debbie Waugh and Laura Patton / Maureen Purvis / Jean Stanley from the Globe. Although falling behind in the first few legs and being 3-1 down, excellent doubling from Jean Stanley ensured a spirited comeback and the Globe three, who were last years runners up regain their title with a 4-3 win.

(The Globe Ladies – 3 a side Winners)

Annmarie Potts and Tracey Curry were the finalists of the singles competition. Tracey reaching the final for the first time and played well to put some pressure on Annmarie but missed chances along the way. Annmarie was too strong for Tracey over the duration of the match, with Annmarie ending up 4-1 winner to regain the Tyne and Wear Super League Singles title.

(Left AnnMarie Potts, Right Tracey Curry)

There are a few catch up games remaining to complete the league and I will update averages and league table when these are all completed. Don’t forget the presentation night is 16th June, the qualifiers for the Winmau and world pro details are still yet to be confirmed, details will appear on here as soon as I have them. Results: Team Knockout Final – Voyager 3-1 FCC (A) 3 a side Final – Globe (LP/MP/JS) 4-3 FCC (B) (DW/AMU/AMP) Pairs semi finals – Globe (LP/CR) 3-0 FCC (B) (DW/AMU) FCC (A) (TC/PC) 3-0 Globe (MP/JS) Pairs final – Globe (LP/CR) 4-3 Globe (MP/JS) Singles final – Tracey Curry 1-4 Annmarie Potts.


Well done Ladies and great write up by Laura.